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Amit Arora

Founder and CEO Requisite Agility, producer of APPortunity and Conscious Organisation events.  Amit has behind him years of development experience, in a variety of environments covering almost all mainstream technologies, including .NET, Java/J2EE, iPhone, Android, AI, IOT and many more. He is also an experienced coach & trainer, and a big believer in the Agile & Lean values and have been also helping others to transform their ways of thinking and working habits.

Geordie Keitt

“Making the Invisible Visible”

Agility, Innovation, and Organization Design expert delivering Enterprise-scale outcomes. Creator of the Structures of Work analytic method for visualizing and running corporate operations. Over 25 years of delivering high-quality enterprise systems by sorting out the priorities and outcomes that compete for work in an organization, showing how they are being met, and more importantly, how they are being set.


Eve Simon

Eve is an international business transformation and diversity STRATEGIST, executive COACH, and communications SPECIALIST. She is known for her creative system mindset, innovation, and leadership expertise as well as solid (interim-)management track record.

Her passion is to bring Executives to hubs of innovation such as Silicon Valley and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit. Her purpose is to close the gender gap through conscious evolution to transform businesses into a force for good for society.

Eve has 1of 4 years of experience in managing teams in various leadership roles in the corporate setting as well as being a successful entrepreneur with her own international boutique consulting & coaching firm for over 15 years.


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