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Sunil Prashara

Non Executive Director - Requisite Agility


Formally, the President & CEO of PMI (Project Management Institute) the worlds largest professional institution. Sunil is a globally recognised thought leader on new ways of working and organisational transformation.

He has featured regularly at major global forums hosted by the Economist, the United Nations Global Compact, and several Fortune 500 companies speaking about the importance of formalised operational skills in the workplace.

Throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunil has emerged as an influential voice on trends reshaping work, including digital transformation, the power of emerging technology trends such as Citizen Development, and the urgent need to cultivate people-centered “Power Skills.”

The CEO Publication has recognised Sunil as one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 in the United Kingdom and featured him on the cover of the magazine. Under his leadership, PMI has also received a range of industry awards. These honors include recognition as one of the “Top 100 Associations That Will Save The World” by the American Society of Association Executives, highlighting PMI’s emphasis on social impact.

Sunil’s key achievements as PMIs CEO included a massive expansion of PMI’s global footprint. Sunil led PMI’s transformation into a global and digital enterprise. He expanded the portfolio of products and offerings, acquired businesses to complement PMis work in agile. During his tenure PMI membership grew significantly to over 650k from 500k resulting in annual revenue increases and significant cash inflow.

Before joining PMI, Sunil held numerous executive leadership positions within the ICT and telecommunications industries. His extensive multi-functional and multi-cultural experiences across geographies include successfully managing sales, finance, operations, and digital transformations for a range of global companies, including Vodafone, Nokia, Accenture, and Perot Systems (NTT), as well as founding and serving as CEO of a sales accelerator for digital start-ups.

Sunil speaks Punjabi and Hindi. He is a graduate of the University of London and resides in the U.K. with his wife and two sons. His broad international experience includes time living and working in Kenya, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and France. He enjoys golf, boxing, martial arts, and traveling.

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